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The powers
This page will tell you of the powers the charmed ones have.All three sisters have individual powers which when combined form the power of three

  Piper Piper has the ability to freeze time(Temporaral status) which slows down molecules for a long or short period of time. She can freeze and unfreeze particular objects or body parts and can freeze a large area. She also has the ability to speed up molecules (molecular combustion) which she uses to kill demons by blowing them up.

Piper channels both these powers through her hands

Future powers?:- Pipers powers could grow to the extent where she could reform object/beings after blowing them up, almost in the same way she unfreezes time. Piper could develop her freezing power so she can freeze things/beings outside of her range, or outside the room she is in. This would be a display of how much her powers have grown over the years.

Piper freezing time
  Phoebe Phoebe has the power of premonition, To have visions of the past,present or future.She only has to touch an object to trigger a vision.Her premonition power grows to the extent where she can astral project to the future, but if in a vision snd she gets hurt, she gets hurt in real life also...

She also has the ability to levetate, which can be used to help in combat, help dodge energy balls/demons or even to help her escape certain situations (eg "The Importance Of Being Phoebe"). It can also be used to help Phoebe meditate(Eg "Loves a Witch")

Her newest power allows her to read/feel other people and emotions. This power is called Empathy, and it was in her destiny to become an empath. Its not to be confused with mind reading, its just her emotions have advanced to an extent where she can react to other peoples emotions even before they do.Both Phoebes Empathic and levetation powers can be used in such a way where she is unstoppable in battle.(See 3.06 "Primrose empath)

Future powers?:- Phoebes empathy could grow to the extent where she channels these emotions through a stream of electricity rendering her victims unconscious. We seen this in "Morality Bites" And it seemed a pretty powerful gift to have. Her levetation could evolve so Phoebe could have total control over the gravity frame she is in, so she could move other beings/objects(Not to be confused with telekinesis. Phoebe should be able to call a premonition whenever she wants and should be able to send other people her premonitions.

Phoebe having a premonition
  Paige Paige has the power of telekinesis which works differently from Prues more simpler version. Paige calls for her objects and they teleport to her in a ball of orbs. If she gestures or throws her hand the object she calls for can be moved to someone else or a different location.

Paige also has the ability to orb like any other whitelighters and most recently she developed the power to shape shift (glamour), which comes from her whitelighter half.

She channels her TKO and glamouring powers through her hands

Future powers?:- Paiges TKO should grow to the state where she doesnt have to call for objects. We are all waiting for Paige to call "DEMON!" And thow a demon up against a wall or something similar to Prue, so she should take control over her TKO. Paiges Glamouring power should grow to Transmografication(See 3.15 "Blinded by the whtelighter") So she can change her form into any other object, and not only other people.

Paige orbing - send an e mail!