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Piper Halliwell - The eldest Sister
Piper took over Prues role of the edest sister, always very protective over her sisters and her family, and this me be the reason she is such a talented witch. Her role as homemaker came naturally to her, from working as head chef in "Quake" to buying and successfully running her own nightclub "p3" she has became the cook of the halliwell manor. She is now the mother of her first child "Wyatt" so her duty of carer is bound to grow stronger. Piper has became such things as a wendigo,a ghost, an alchamist, a furie, the goddess of earth and most recently a valkyrie.

Phoebe has always been the sister who loves love. She took over Pipers role of the middle sister, Settling arguments between her sisters and liked to explore her powers. Phoebes expertise of martial arts makes her a formidable witch, and she would go out of her own way to vanquish evil. She has enjoyed exploring the craft and will continue to do so. Phoebe went back to, and graduated from college. Phoebe has been turned into such things as the woogy man, banshee, queen of the underworld, mermaid, superhero, egyptian princess and the goddess of love.

Paige is the sister who has the gift of being right. She sensed cole was evil, which was true. This gift comes from her whitelighter half and her powers of "Sensing" things. After her parents died she went to university to gain a degree in social work and started work in the bay area social work dept. Paige has extremely wacky taste in clothing and likes to change her image a lot. She learned the craft Quickly and has been well recognised for her role as a charmed one and is feared by most demons. Her powers are growing rapidly and her potential to become a strong magical force will sooner or later shine. she has turned into such things as a vampire, superhero, woodnymph and the goddess of war.