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Here is a selection of some of my favourite charmed quotes


Piper:  My husband is in 1994, and I don't mean in the fashion sense.

Piper: I may be stuck in bed, but i am not stuck on stupid!!

Piper: Look, do you have anything to go with combat boots? You know, for the mom-to-be who kicks some ass upon occasion.

"Im being chased by a pshyco killer and i hide in the shower??!"

"Phoebe your over reacting....Thats my department"

"(About Phoebe), Shes a walking einstein with cleavage"

"Ive always been fun, im just mrs fun now"

"What kind of ass-backwards spell did you two cast?"

"We're screwed... the world plunges into darkness...Yada Yada Yada... Every freaken' week!"

"I hate this crappy freezing power!"

"Now you just need to use some of your God-given magic."
*Piper unbuttons the top button on Paiges dress*

*Sarcastically* "Oh watch out Phoebes, hes packin a seashell"

"Jeez your like my husband with boobs."

"Im gonna be so happy when i vanquish your sorry ass"


Phoebe: The real world better start showing me some respect or I'm gonna stop saving it every week.

Phoebe: Okay, Paige, while unicorns may be very magical and cool, I'm not so sure it's appropriate for a baby.

"Flying is awesome....Its the landing part thats a bitch"

"Why does everybody always Phoebe me?"

"Wow,i am one super smart witch"

"Be vewy vewy qwiet...were hunting demons"

"Prue i am not nuts...well maybe a little but that is irrelavent here"

"If i had a dollar for every time an owl turned into a hot guy on my porch..."

"Your just saying that because your about to die"

Phoebe: I am so excited! And not in any sexual way.


Paige: Chain-mail top, from my club days. Steel-toed boots, from my mosh pit days. Handcuffs - from last Friday.

Paige: Call me butter, cause im on a roll.

: Okay. If you're sensing any fear, that would be mine.

: Don't mind her. She's just being a little annoying

Paige: (on the phone) That's why I got the job in the first place. (to the dog) Why don't you go hump a dog? Did ya ever think of that? (on the phone) No, not you, sir.

Paige:Were talking about the SEA HAG, mysterious monster of the deep blue sea, the one whos name strikes fear in the hearts of sailors everywhere

Phoebe: Since when do demons use bullets?
Piper: Maybe it's not a demon.
Prue: Who else would want to kill us?
Phoebe: Well, you were kind of sharp to the mailman yesterday and we all know how testy they can be.

Phoebe: You really think that's the window?
Piper: You said yourself the triquetra is the key, our connection. And besides we keep hearing Grams say the power of three. This is what that stands for. Either that or I just screwed up this wall for no reason.

*Prue hands Piper and Phoebe a large bag*
Piper: What is this?
Prue: A way to always be prepared.
Phoebe: These are very big contraceptives, Prue.

Piper: Paige! The Charmed Ones come first!
Phoebe: The Charmed Ones come first?
Piper: It always worked when Prue said it.

Paige: What just happened?
Piper: Beats the hell out of me.