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A list of many Demons who have shown on Charmed

The Crone
The Crone is an Old hag who was originally attracted to The Charmed Ones because of Wyatt and his powers. The Crones powers include Premonition, shimmering and can engulf anyone in a tornado like ring which crushes their bones. The Crone was vanquished by the charmed Ones
Shax was one of the most imfamous demons to ever appear on Charmed. This was mainly because he killed eldest sibling Prue Halliwell. Shax acted as the sources assasin and was sent by the Source in order to break the power of three. His powers include wind teleportation and energy blasts. He was vanquished by Piper, Phoebe and Paige.
Javna was an aged demon who used the power of the evil eye to suck life essence from the young to grant himself eternal youth. he posed as the handsome photographer "Stefan" To lure only the most beautiful women to be killed. The only way to vanquish Javna was to use the "Hand Of Fatima" which sucked the youth he had stolen from all his victims. He is currently vanquished
The Source
The highest rank of all demons was the source and all demons worked for him. He had been feared for many years by witches including The Charmed Ones and they feared for their lifes when he attacked. His powers include flame transportation, fire balls, mind reading and thought projection. These are only the powers we seen him use on charmed, and he would have had many more. He was killed but his power inadvertantly entered Cole.
Cole was originally a demon called belthasor, though after stripping his demonic powers was later possesed by the source. When he was vanquished he gathered Demonic Powers in the "wasteland" - where all vanquished demonic powers end up. When he came back he had gained many powers including ability to throw energy balls, slow down time, change people into other objects, teleport and many more. He was vanquished by Phoebe.
Lazarus Demons
Lazarus Demons are a magical breed who's remains can be resurected if not buried in a cemetary. This means when a witch or magical being vanquishes them, it only stays vanquished for a limited period of time. Other abiities it has are telekinesis and transportation.
Water Demon
Used his powers to kill Patty (the girls mother) and Prue had to confront her fears to help Sam(paiges father) to help vanquish this demon